Texas Food Policy Roundtable

The Texas Food Policy Roundtable (TFPR) is a broadly based group of Texas leaders who will develop, coordinate and improve the implementation of food policy to address hunger and promote equitable, sustainable and healthy food in Texas.  Find out more at txfoodpolicy.org

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Learn more about our programs:

Summer Food

During the school year, children in need receive lunch through free and reduced in-school programs. But what happens during the summer? Almost 30 percent of Texas families report difficulty in affording food. These kids need your help.

Click here for more information about the Summer Food Service Program and how to get your Summer Food Toolkit.

Children in Nature

In our increasingly scheduled and urbanized way of life, our children are exposed to fewer and fewer opportunities to experience nature on their own terms. The current generation of children spends much less time outdoors than those in the past. At the same time diseases such as diabetes and obesity are reaching epidemic levels.

Click here to learn more about ways to help children become more active outside and learn about God's creation.

Healthy and Active Children

Childhood obesity is one of Texas’ fastest growing health challenges. While this crisis is impacting each and every segment of our society, children in our poorest communities and minority populations are affected the most. Faced with limited opportunities to obtain healthy foods and limited access to safe natural open areas to play, many of our communities are confronted with increasing obstacles and spiraling disease rates.  Ironically, obesity and hunger can exist side-by-side in some communities. In households that experience “food insecurity,” or where the chances of obtaining safe and nutritious food are limited or uncertain, hunger may be a very real issue.

Click here for more information about obesity and nutrition.

Community Gardens

Starting a community garden or a gardening co-op at your congregation is a great way to provide healthy foods to families who need it the most. Healthy fresh vegetables are often the most cost prohibitive for families in need. Also, by involving children and youth from your congregation and the local community in planning, planting, and tending the garden, you will provide a valuable education experience and build a sense of community. There is no better way to learn healthy eating habits than to grow and prepare your own meals straight from the garden.

Click here to learn more about starting your own community garden in this section.

Let's Move!

Let's Move!, First Lady Michelle Obama's obesity initiative, has an ambitious national goal of solving the challenge of childhood obesity. Let’s Move! will combat the epidemic of childhood obesity through a comprehensive approach that  will provide schools, families and communities simple tools to help kids be more active, eat better, and get healthy.

Let's Move! has also started the Let’s Move Faith and Communities: Working Together to End Childhood Obesity within a Generation.  To learn more, download their toolkit and one pager here:

Let’s Move Toolkit for Faith-based and Neighborhood Organizations (PDF - 14.96)

Let’s Move Faith and Communities 1-page Fact Sheet.