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School Garden Mentor Training

Join the community of school garden mentors in Austin!

This training will prepare volunteers to help support and sustain successful school vegetable gardens. School gardens enrich academic learning, encourage healthy eating habits and provide children with invaluable opportunities to interact with the outdoors.

Learn about:
- Benefits of school gardens
- Garden Mentor roles &
- Building support & relationships
- Where to find resources

El Ranchito Opens the Door to Nature

With nature as their backyard, 75 low-income children submerged themselves into the healing powers of nature at a week-long, nature-immersion and conservation summer camping program—El Ranchito. “The goal of El Ranchito is to connect children with the natural world by providing an extraordinarily fun immersion camping experience,” said Kelly Edwards, camp director.

Local Foods Field Day in Amarillo

In a land where agriculture is king, it is a fine time to re-consider the benefits and to restore the heritage bestowed by local food production. As our nation struggles with economic restructuring, energy independence, and the rise of obesity and other health crises, this Field Day offers hands-on demonstrations and resources for rebuilding local food systems so that health, wellness, and stewardship can become a common practice in the High Plains' new century.

When and Where:
Saturday, August 29, 2009
8:15am - 3:00pm

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
1601 S. Georgia St.